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At the Holland Fisheries Event, you’ll find manufacturers and suppliers from the fishing industry in fields such as shipbuilding and repair, electronics, communication, navigation, fishing gear and nets, propulsion and manoeuvring, safety and fish processing equipment, mechanical and support systems, education and training, fish auctions, financial services, brokerage, consultants, media, government and trade associations.

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Exhibitor VCU PAVILION (C-Pavilion) Exhibitor
C1 Profinis accountants & adviseurs
C2 Alfa Laval Benelux BV
C3 PPG Coatings
C4 Den Hartog
C5 RI&S Brandsbeveiliging
C6 option 
C7 option 
C9 Gulf
C10 Ocean Textile Group A/S
C11 Lubricoat & Monitrax
C12 Sioen NV / Mullion
C13 option 
C14 option 
C15 Dromec B.V.

Exhibitor E-PAVILJOEN Exhibitor
E1 Organisation Holland Fisheries Event
E2 RESERVE size 4m×3m – € 2.160,00
E3 RESERVE size 4mx3m – € 2.160,00
E4 NedPower 
E5 Van Dam, Van Dam & Verkade BV 
E6 Periskal group 
E7 STEEN F.P.M. International 
E8 Dieselservice Emmeloord BV
E9 RESERVE size 4mx2m – € 1.550,00
E10 RESERVE size 4mx2m – € 1.550,00
E11 RESERVE size 4mx2m – € 1.550,00
E12 WPL Industries BV
E13 Lumacon
E14 Catering point
Exhibitor T-PAVILION Exhibitor
T1 RESERVE size 4mx2.5m – € 1.875,00
T2 RESERVE size 4mx2.5m – € 1.875,00
T3 TvK Instructie BV – option
T4 Kroma AS
T5 Catering point
T6 RESERVE size 4mx2.5m – € 1.875,00
T7 RESERVE size 4mx2.5m – € 1.875,00
T8 Pefa en DE Maritime
T9 RESERVE size 4mx2.5m – € 1.875,00
T11 Straathof Controls BV
T12 Wageningen Marine Research
T13 RESERVE size 4mx2.5m – € 1.875,00
T14 RESERVE size 3mx2.5m – € 1.725,00