List of exhibitors

Profile of exhibitors
At the Holland Fisheries Event, you’ll find manufacturers and suppliers from the fishing industry in fields such as shipbuilding and repair, electronics, communication, navigation, fishing gear and nets, propulsion and manoeuvring, safety and fish processing equipment, mechanical and support systems, education and training, fish auctions, financial services, brokerage, consultants, media, government and trade associations.

Willem-Alexanderzaal – A-Pavilion
A1  VG Softwaredesign BV – Option
A2 Bakker Repair en Service + Bakker Sliedrecht – option
A3 SIP Marine/Van Gemert scheepsschroeven BV – option
A4 RESERVE Available – dimensions 3x2m2 – € 1.680,00
A5 Post Consultancy/Weforsea
A6 Nidec – option
A7 Wetec b.v.(voorheen Elektro Westhoeve) – option
A8 Gebr.Sluyter BV Assurantiemakelaars
A9 De Boer Marine
A10 Comint-Urk
A11 John P. de Wit Assurantiën BV – option
A12 Luteyn Hydraulics B.V. – option
A13  Werckpost
A14 AerSmash – option
A15 EMK – option
A16-a Flynth adviseurs en accountants – option
A16-b Hoekman Shipbuilding – option
A16-c Padmos – option
Alexiazaal – B-Pavilion
B1 Damen Marine Components – option
B2 Promarin Nederland BV – option
B3 Maaskant Shipyards Stellendam
B4 Reintjes Benelux BV – option
VCU pavilion – C-Pavilion
C1  Profinis accountants & adviseurs – optie
C2 Alfa Laval Benelux BV – option 
C4 Den Hartog bv
C5 RI&S Brandbeveiliging – option
C6 Couperus Hydrauliek B.V. – option
C7 Piet Brouwer Electrotechniek
C8 Piet Brouwer Electrotechniek
C9 Gulf Bunkering B.V. – option
C10 Ocean Textile Group A/S – option
C11 Lubricoat & Monitrax – option
C12 Sioen Nederland b.v. – option
C15 Dromec B.V.
C16 TQI Nordic Afs – option
Tent pavilion – D-pavilion
D1 + D2 + D3 Bakker Bedrijfsartikelen – option
D4 Haisma Scheeps- en industriemotoren – option
D5 + D6 QuantiParts | Wärtsilä – option
D7 Damen Shipyard Den Helder – option
D8 Emficon – option
D9 Scanmar – option
D10 Bekina Boots – option
D11 Northern Lights/Yacht Power
D12 Catering
D13 Yanmar – option
D14 Onderdelenservice Urk – option
D15 Promac – option
D16 Koltec – Drytec – option
D16a Koltec Drytec – option
D17 Visserijnieuws – option
D18 Ymuiden Stores
D19 De Waal
D20 Hoenderop BV
D21 Jansen Techniek
D22 Elkon Elektrik Tic.A.S.
D23  Nederlandse Vissersbond – option
D24 Level One Uitzendbureau – option
D25 WNL Marine Electronics B.V. 
D26 Fish Value – option
D27 Sandfirden Technics B.V. – option
D28 + D29 Visveiling Urk – option
D30 + D31 ROC Friese Poort – option
D32 Marble Automation BV – option
D33 De Flux
D34 Van Beelen Group – option
D35 Anglo Belgian Corporation – option
D36 Gemeente Urk
D37 ABN AMRO Bank N.V./
ABN AMRO Verzekeringen N.V.
D38 Nordsøtrawl A/S – option
D39 Thyboron Trawldoor – option
Entry hall – E-pavilion
E1 Organisation Holland Fisheries Event
E2 Motrac Intern Transport BV – option
E3 NedPower – option
E4 NedPower – option
E5Van Dam, Van Dam & Verkade B.V. – option
E6 Periskal group – option
E7 STEEN F.P.M. International – option
E8 Dieselservice Emmeloord BV – option
E9 RESERVE Available – dimensions 4mx2m – € 1.725,00
E10 RESERVE Available – dimensions 4mx2m – € 1.725,00
E11 RESERVE Available – dimensions 4mx2m – € 1.725,00
E12 RESERVE Available – dimensions 4mx2m – € 1.725,00
E13 Lumacon
E14 Catering
Tent pavilion – T-pavilion
T1 RESERVE Available – dimensions 4mx2,5m – € 2.025,00
T2 RESERVE Available – dimensions 4mx2,5m – € 2.025,00
T3 TvK Instructie – option
T4Kroma Danmark – option
T5 Catering 
T6 RESERVE Available – dimensions 4mx2,5m – € 2.025,00
T7 RESERVE Available – dimensions 4mx2,5m – € 2.025,00
T8 Pefa|DE Maritime – option
T9 RESERVE Available – dimensions 4mx2,5m – € 2.025,00
T10 Abato Motoren BV – option
T11 Straathof Controls BV
T12 Wageningen Marine Research – option 
T13 RESERVE Available – dimensions 4mx2,5m – € 2.025,00
T14 RESERVE Available – dimensions 3mx2,5m – € 1.900,00